Everyone knows that for the computer hardware to work effective you should have professional software. Software development receives a lot of attention virtually in all business spheres.


People began using personal computers in the business world in the early eighties, when production of PCs started on a large scale. Today it is hard to imagine a business that is not impacted by computer technology. In turn, this leads to software being one of the fastest growing industries resulting in a bigger demand for:

  • high software quality;
  • affordable prices;
  • continuous software improvement and development;
  • convenient technical support.

Contact one of our experienced specialists and you will be guaranteed the best solution for your business.


development of programs and applications in GiLand - is stability

The product created by the GiLand team meets requirements for reliability, performance and ease of use.

development of programs and applications in GiLand - is a guarantee

Warranty for the developed software is from 6 months to several years.

development of programs and applications in GiLand - is a high-quality technical support

Individual approach to each customer allows creating a flexible and unique product, which provides the solution specific for your business.

development of programs and applications in GiLand - the highest quality of software products

The quality of the end product is guaranteed since the customer is provided with trial software in the initial stages of the contract. As a result, the customer has the chance to request changes as necessary.

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When an order for software development is placed, our specialists research the project and propose a price and the approximate timelines.

The contract is only signed when the project price and milestones are agreed upon. At the stage of contract signing we involve our business analysts, who compile the project documentation and estimate the project timeline. IT-consulting for the project takes place. Therefore, it can be said that the software development begins at this stage.

At the first stage of the project, our specialists work with the customer to understand the requirements. They plan each step and assess risks to find the best solution for the necessary software functions. At the same time, our business analysts develop the complete project documentation. This further helps to define the product and establish project timelines.

In cases that the customer’s allocated budget is not enough, our company can work to find cost saving solutions. If the estimated costs are significantly higher than the allowable budget, the project can be postponed. You will retain the technical specifications document, which can always be used at a more appropriate time.

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