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the development of cloud solutions

Cloud systems in any business field are becoming more and more popular. If we extrapolate the trends of the worldwide statistics it looks that by 2017 there will be virtually no companies that are not having a cloud resource. It is due to the simple fact that it becomes more and more profitable to invest time and money to the primary business of the company and set aside a relatively small budget for outsourcing secondary business, for instance run applications and data reports on a remote server.



We can divide clouds into the following three types:

cloud solution from GiLand Rortfoliolists
Рortfoliolists – cloud types widely used by freelancers.
cloud solution from GiLand Hives
Hives – mostly used by commercial organizations in order to organize remote workspaces.
cloud solution from GiLand Headtoheaders
Headtoheaders are clouds which support using the most innovative solutions which helps a company stay ahead of its competitors.

When you opt for one of the cloud categories you can be sure to gain significant positive results in the nearest future. Our team is happy to help you implement any type of cloud with the most modern solutions to support your daily work to make your business even more prosperous.

It should also be understood by the fact that today the company for software development, ready to put into your business the most courageous decisions. These solutions you can accurately allocate on the background of your competitors.


When the specialists from GiLand implement cloud solutions for you, you get the following benefits:

The development of cloud solutions in GiLand - is flexibility


If your company is constantly evolving, if you are setting up offices and affiliates in other cities, cloud solutions if implemented correctly, can help tackle management challenges in full.

The development of cloud solutions in GiLand - data recovery in alert condition


Regardless of technical updates there is always a chance to get an emergency situation. When your business is using our cloud, you do not need to be worried about restoring your software and data.

The development of cloud solutions in GiLand - is a software update

Software updates

Once you have chosen to take our services you will not have to worry about updates and maintenance for your software. GiLand will daily perform updates for all the used software and services.

The development of cloud solutions in GiLand - is a smooth operation

Round the clock functionality.

If you use cloud solutions you can always continue working regardless what kind of mobile device you have at hand. You only have to go online.

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