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mobile applications development

Mobile application development considered to be one of the core activities of GiLand for quite a long time. Strictly observing the modern standards of design and programming, while constantly keeping track of all the trends and nuances in this direction, our company has developed its own approach to mobile development.

IOS Applications Development


Phased development of IOS applications from customer concept visualization to publication in the App Store with the following realization:

  • Work with images (including recognition, transposition, filters imposition);
  • Geolocation implementation;
  • Integration with social networks;
  • Video streaming;
  • Push notification;
  • Exchange of data between the application and the server;
  • Using the framework UIKit Dynamics to make the dynamics and animation elements;
  • Integration with any third-party services;
mobile applications development for Android

for android

Developing applications for android based on java technology and on using Android NDK and SDK allows our developers to create applications of any complexity with any functionality..

mobile applications development for Windows Phone

for Windows Phone

Our applications for Windows Phone are created, including using the latest version of the SDK (1511), what ensures stable operation of applications on any Windows device.


How does the procedure of request making and providing a service is carried out? When you come to our company to order a mobile application for iOS, Android or Windows Phone, the following steps are being made:


You decide what kind of a mobile application you need*, come to our office or call us on the phone. We are listening to your needs, draft technical requirements and run it by you for approval. Also the end price of your mobile application is discussed based on the requested functionalities.


The next step is the mobile software development itself, together with its user interface and its structure. The quality of the finished application is highly dependent on the fact how well your technical specifications are described. At this stage the design of the mobile application is created.


The draft application is being tested. You are checking the developed specifically for you mobile application and compare it to your expectations for its functionality.


When all the goals set earlier are achieved our software developers prepare all the necessary documentation and perform the fine-tuning of the application.


Your ready-for use mobile application is in the leasing shops of PlayStore and AppStore.
* When mobile software is being developed for Android, the contract will also clearly state which versions of Android which the application will run on as well the accepted manufacturers. Sometimes it might be considered necessary to limit the range of mobile devices by the device’s announcement date.


mobile app - it's advertising

First of all, it is publicity. When your potential customer has downloaded your mobile application, it will be available to him the whole day round. What can be better remembered than a bright and eye-catching logo of your company which is silently there when your app is in active modus or running in the background.

mobile app - it's multifunctionality

Secondly, you get access to all the functions of the mobile device which has your application: contacts, GPS navigator, camera. You will be able to do marketing research for your product, and the custom-made tailored to suit your request mobile application will provide you all the information you ever needed about your target group.

mobile app - convenient without the Internet

In the third place, if you opt for it, your mobile application will be able to function not only when connected to the Internet but also offline*. Only the data refreshment will require going online, which means that your potential customer can use your app without using the traffic.

mobile app - it's informational value

But what the most important is, with the help of your custom-made mobile application your potential customers know all about your products and services, they receive all the new items in our catalogue, your current promo-actions and a lot of other information which you consider important to share with your customers is available to them.

All this together leads to a much bigger turnover for your company and as the result much larger profit.

*This feature is optional.

Please ask for more information when talking to our software development specialists.

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The professional team of GiLand (Moscow) develop and integrate applications for all mobile devices: Android, iOS and Windows Phone. We can help you navigate in the complex software world. Order today a cross-platform mobile application for your business which will take its rightful place among the most popular applications stores AppStore and Google Play.

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