Porting and migration

Companies frequently need to expand their software functionality through implementation of new features or even transition to new platforms and applications. So the question of backwards compatibility and future use of existing developments (various databases, interfaces, algorithms, etc.) becomes extremely important.

Porting (extension of the existing software functionality) and migration (the introduction of new software with all necessary existing developments) are the most demanded solutions for such problems, not only because of a significant reduction in time-consumption (because there is no need to create an entirely new software), but also because of significant cost savings.

The only way to proceed with such a project is to have a professional and experienced staff. Our team has carried out many such projects and we will guarantee excellent results, high speed and reasonable costs.

Let's take a more detailed look at the process:


Porting is considered to be the best solution for companies that are already working with their own adapted software. Due to the quick technological progress some tools get obsolete and must be replaced with new ones.

Porting provides an excellent opportunity to adapt the complete program or only some parts of it into an existing environment while maintaining virtually all functionality. Such actions are economically attractive. In some cases it is not even necessary to stop the business, since the process of porting can be carried out while the business is still running which is especially important for large companies.

The main task of porting is to keep the existing interface and software functionality. This is a very labour-intensive process and requires specialized knowledge and skills. The team of BitProfi consists exclusively of high-level professionals. They can perform a complete software analysis to become familiar with its structure and propose a suitable adjustment plan.


Migration also provides an easier and more convenient transition to the new software and platforms. It can possibly be the best and most cost-efficient option. The options are a complete or partial (selective) migration in order to preserve all algorithms, screen forms and other elements. There is also a possibility of migration with additional corrections that will improve the software. Migration can be combined with additional corrections and functionality adjustment. Last but not least, migration can improve the software security.

After examining all the aspects and defining the need for porting or migrating, please contact us. We are ready to provide high-quality professional services, which will contribute to the growth and prosperity of your business!

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