In order for any design software to fully meet the needs of your business, we always keep in mind two important components in the process of software development: design and prototyping.


Software design – Design is a key step in setting up a full-scale information system. Software design can only be performed by the developers of the highest calibre - cr?me de la cr?me, elite in the programming world. After all it is their mistakes and miscalculations in the design that can bring the many hours of work of the whole team to nothing. They bear the greatest responsibility for the created products.

The main goal of the design is to determine both the system properties which are not visible to the user and the details of the external behaviour of the program. Both of these are based on your requirements to the software. The initial tasks identified by the customer are thoroughly analysed for the best implementation.

The process of programming itself and the quality of its final results depend on several conditions, as the programmers have to follow the strict instructions developed together with the customer.

  1. Functional specifications.
  2. Work experience of the designers.
  3. The selected process model.

In addition, the business dictates its own rules for software designing and data structure definition.

The design process, depending on the software class of the created product can be of two types:

  • “manual” design;
  • design implementing automation means.

Design includes:

  • software architecture;
  • software structure;
  • user interface.

There are several design stages, each having an own set of documentation.

  1. Functional specifications.
  2. Design phase.
  3. Development phase
  4. Deployment

GiLand will make sure that your software is correctly designed and that you get the best service for the best price.

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