Software development – stages, control, support

Typically, the software development process goes through several stages.


  1. The first step is to conduct an interview with the customer, to develop and formulate the requirements, and to create and approve detailed technical specifications. At this stage, managers, business analysts, and software architects are heavily involved. The collaboration between our expert software developers and the customer expedites the application development, already allowing to foresee the future product at this early stage.
  2. Software Engineering - a process that involves design, programming, and future application framework. In this process, project architects, designers, and programmers get involved with the project.
  3. During the design and programming stage, work can move either in parallel or in series. Sometimes it is better to design the project prior to the coding phase. At other times, the opposite is true. A functioning code is often required prior to making a pretty shell for it. In either case, we select the optimal path for our customers based on the circumstances.
  4. During the last step, the finished software is tested using the maximum possible variation of input parameters. Bugs and errors are eliminated and the code is tested for vulnerabilities, stability, fault resistance, etc. You can also use the software localization services, porting and migration, if necessary.

The customer can decide if further technical support is provided after the software has been developed and delivered. That can be the case when the business is growing and/or the scope is widening leading to the need to adjust the software to the customer’s new needs. Note that throughout the complete software development process the project manager makes sure that all the stages are done appropriately. The customer’s wishes and requirements are always taken into account.

A special flexible development methodology can be used to shorten the implementation timelines. Contact GiLand and you can be sure that our experienced professionals will make every effort to ensure the best results. Our company offers the best solutions for the automaton of your business. Our software development team consists of highly qualified professionals who have the best know-how and know all ins and outs of the trade. You can rely on us with confidence and be sure that any task will receive a quick and most importantly intelligent solution.

How fliexible is the application development process?

Our project managers monitor all stages of the software creation and implementation process, diligently tracking all the details outlined in the technical project plan. However, business needs may dictate corrections and adjustments in the software development. Although we certainly help with any unforeseen circumstances, our specialists mitigate all possible issues early in the development stage.

If you choose to sign up for additional software maintenance service, you can count on us to support your business growth, strategy, or even a complete change of business specialization, which obviously could not be addressed in the beginning of the development process.

GiLand Custom Software Development - our most important advantages:

  • Premium service -
    • Development, followed by a multi-stage testing, ensuring stable and uninterrupted trouble-free operation of our software;
    • Highly skilled and client-oriented technical support;
    • Reasonable pricing policy - we do not flood the market, we create high-quality software products.
  • Industry competence - as a rule, our developers do not need many months of "immersion" into the specifics of your activities, previous experience of development allows us to pass this stage as quickly as possible.
  • An integrated approach to maintenance and business problem solving - the development of desktop and mobile software, Web-applications, cloud applications, engineering solutions, etc.
  • Cross-platform and use of a broad spectrum of tools and technologies in software creation.
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