Support and re-engineering

Properly organized work of both the computer hardware and the software complex helps run your business smoothly while all the business information is safely kept. To ensure that there exist different variants/types/possibilities of IT support (both for software and hardware) and software re-engineering.


We can offer your company all-round IT-support from the basics including elimination of errors and defects to teaching the proper software use. IT-support is needed to restore or maintain active uninterrupted workflow of your software.

Let us have a better look at the key tasks of software support.

  • All existing bugs and defects will be eliminated. After our specialists restore your software all the programs will run again at full force without errors or failures.
  • The installed software will be adjusted and updated. After completing this tasks the software and system performance increases, you also get new functions and possibilities in the software.
  • All possible problems will be solved. This is highly necessary so that all the programs run smoothly further on.
  • The users will get a proper training and extra consulting in case of questions. This is a prevention step so that the users know how to work properly with the software and do not cause accidentally a software crash..

СAll these tasks can be easily completed if you choose to work with the team of professionals in GiLand. The most important is the excellent result. The continuous positive feedback from our customers is the proof that we are a reliable professional team which guarantees a high-quality result.


Re-engineering is a re-design of the existing software to adjust it to the customer’s changing needs.

After some time has elapsed it can come to that your software does not satisfy you any longer. Some new functions can be missing. The software can become too slow and in the long run far from perfect. Re-engineering is a way to make necessary substitutions or changes to the installed software so that it suits your current needs.

GiLand will help you re-engineer your software in short terms providing high-quality result at the best price. Our specialists give your wishes and needs the utmost priority when starting to re-programyour software

GiLand works at your best advantage. We have been able to justify the trust of the most demanding customers. You can be confident that when our specialists provide you support and re-engineering, you will not be disappointed.

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