On behalf of Lundbeck RUS we would like to thank our partner - BitProfi for the development of web-sites http://www.rethinkdepression.com/ and http://меньшепить.рф/. Lundbeck RUS is quite satisfied with the job done. During the project the company's specialists have shown high level of professionalism and commitment to the implementation of the tasks given. We would like to admit BitProfi specialists high qualification that allows them to make immediate changes to our site, and we also want to express our sincere gratitude for the efficiency, quality and adherence to the technical project while creating our web-sites. At the moment all of our web-sites have been launched and we are pleased to continue cooperation with BitProfi. With confidence we can recommend BitProfi to both private persons and legal entities who have a demand for creation and support of web-sites. Administrative and Financial Director Whelan KW

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